Automated Flood Related Tweets - May 2, 2020
We've integrated the Twitter API which will allow our website to automatically generate tweets about significant flood events that are being forecasted. You can find us on Twitter using the Twitter link in the footer of this page.
Gauge forecast tweet
National Gauge Summary - Feb 25, 2020
We've added a national gauge summary to the homepage. This provides you with an overview of how gauges are currently being impacted across the nation. We'll definitely be adding more functionality to this widget over time.
National gauge summary
Geolocation Is Here! - Feb 21, 2020
We've added geolocation functionality to the search field. Less data entry is always a good thing. Now you can leverage your device's internet connection's and/or internal GPS to geolocate your nearest zipcode.
Gauge Display Enhancement - Feb 18, 2020
We've modified the gauge display so that when you zoom out it maximizes the chart area to fit the flood stages, observation data, and the forecast data.
Gauge enhancement
We're Live! - Nov 1, 2019 is now live and serving up water gauge data from NOAA. We're committed to adding new functionality over time (i.e. alerts) as well as improving the overall user experience of the website. We look forward to serving you.